In the cellar

When working in the cellar my motto is tranquility, I use the most gentle techniques for minimal disturbance of the wines. The absence of any additives in the wine, such as sulphur, and storage in a living material, such as traditional wooden 1,000 litre (Fuder) barrels, makes for incomparably complex and long-lasting wines. A lot of time, and the completion of all natural ripening processes, are the prerequisites to allow these wines to achieve a complete balance.

Jakob's accuracy at every step is necessary if the wine is to be left to itself without using any additives. The grape harvest is – like the rest of the work in the vineyard – pure manual labour, and requires strict selection. Depending on the vintage, the grapes are allowed to macerate before the long, slow whole-bunch pressing. Fermentation and then maturation takes place in wooden barrels from the best German and Austrian coopers. When the time is right, the wine is bottled directly from the barrel leaving the yeast behind, then closed with natural cork and sealed with beeswax from our own beehive.